Election day is Tuesday, November 6

Before you vote, be sure to check your voter registration, find your polling precinct, and view sample ballots to prepare to vote!
  • Counties surrounding Iredell are already at 7 percent

    Nearly all of our neighbors have taken the opportunity to invest additional resources into their school systems and county operations.

    Most counties surrounding ours have raised their sales taxes to at least 7 percent. If you already shop at Birkdale Village, Northlake Mall, Southpark Mall, or Valley Hills Mall, then you already are paying 7 percent sales tax every time you patronize those stores.

    Lincoln County passed their quarter-penny measure in the 2018 Primary Election--with 100 percent of the funds going toward education--and Davie County will vote in November to raise its sales tax to 7 percent, just like Iredell.

    Remember, unprepared food items, gasoline, prescription medications, and farming supplies are exempt from this increase.

Adding services that save lives

Every day, first responders and EMS Paramedic crews answer dozens of calls across Iredell County. They are important parts of our county's emergency response plan--and with a growing population, Iredell County public safety needs to add a number of first responders and paramedics. Each of those ambulance crews costs nearly $800,000, but those teams can cut down response times by minutes. That's the difference between life or death.

Iredell County plans to use its share of sales tax revenue to fund public safety and address critical needs in our community--including helping an aging population and addressing the opioid epidemic.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why a Referendum?

    The 2007 NC General Assembly recognized that counties need alternative means of paying for county needs like school buildings, public facilities, and infrastructure. Sales taxes are a fair-share way of equally distributing the burden among taxpayers, including out-of-town visitors or those from nearby counties are helping to pay.

  • How much revenue would it mean?

    The State’s estimate for Iredell County is that this additional $0.0025 increase will generate approximately $6.6 million in a year.

  • Will this affect my grocery bill?

    No. The sales tax will not be charged on basic necessities such as unprepared food (groceries), gasoline, prescription medication, and farming supplies.

  • Who gets the funding?

    A sales tax can be used for any allowed use by counties. The County Commissioners have written a resolution specifying their intended use for the money. It includes: • 25% of the money or $1.5 million will go to the county to pay for safety and well-being. • The remainder of the funds will go to the three school systems: Iredell-Statesville Schools, Mooresville Graded Schools and Mitchell Community College on a per diem (per student) basis.

  • What will it say on the ballot?

    On the ballot, you'll see a question that will ask you to vote on whether the county can raise sales tax by a quarter of a cent. Legislation specifies how the question must be presented on the ballot. It will not specify how this money is to be allocated or spent. This is what you will see on the November 6th ballot:

    [ ] For [ ] Against Local sales and use tax at the rate of one-quarter percent (0.25%) in addition to all other State and local sales and use taxes.

  • Would charter schools benefit, too?

    Yes. The increased tax revenue will boost local education funding for ALL public schools in Iredell County, including charter schools.


The following agencies or their boards have publicly offered support of the quarter-cent sales tax.